Does your smoke alarm need replacing?

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Does your smoke alarm need replacing?

Smoke alarms only have a lifespan of just ten years, so chances are if you can’t remember the last time you changed yours or when it was installed, you need to have it replaced. It is estimated that up to 60% of households in Australia have an expired smoke alarm, which is an alarming statistic considering most housefires could have been avoided had a working smoke alarm been in place.

Within ten years, smoke detector technology has come a very long way. The old ionisation technology has been replaced with the far superior hardwired photoelectric technology. These newer models never need a battery change as they contain a rechargeable battery. The technology works so that the smoke detectors see the fire rather than smell the smoke, making them much quicker at raising the alarm in the event of a fire. They detect the most common type of fire, smouldering fires, which ionisation smoke alarms neglect to do. With increasing open plan design homes, photoelectric alarms are the smoke alarm of choice, as they are less prone to false alarms from such things as cooking and burning toast.

Why does my smoke alarm go off?

The old ionisation smoke detectors can mistake dust for a smoke. So, if your ionization smoke detector is covered in dust, it could be triggered even if there’s no smoke.

Burning toast, cooking and insects can also be enough to set off the older models which can be annoying. Open your alarm and check for debris, insects, and dust. Again, consider switching over to the newer technology to eliminate these annoying false alarms.

The older models are designed to start beeping when the batteries are running low. This can cause your smoke alarm to make a chirping noise at times when the smoke has not been detected. So, at the very least you need to replace the battery in this case but it’s a great time to consider upgrading to a much better photoelectric smoke alarm.

If you live in Hornsby, the North Shore and surrounds, and you think your smoke alarm needs replacing, give us a call on 9477 2550. We have a great range of the very best smoke alarms on the market to give you the ultimate peace of mind for the safety of your family.