Keep your home safe with these easy steps

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Keep your home safe with these easy steps

Childproof your unused electrical outlets

Kids are naturally curious and seem to love electrical outlets. Childproof plugs in unused electrical outlets deter them from playing with them and sticking objects into them.

Test your smoke alarm and upgrade it, if necessary

Up to 60% of homes in Australia have outdated smoke alarms. It’s really important and in fact, NSW legislation to have new hardwired photoelectric smoke alarms in place. Hornsby Electric can easily test your existing smoke alarms and upgrade them with the best quality smoke alarms to ensure your family is alerted in the event of a house fire.

Avoid double adaptor connections

When too many cords are connected to outlets designed for one or two plugs, overloading can occur. Use power boards with in-built safety devices to avoid a power outlet overload.

Look after appliance cords

Avoid using appliances with frayed cords. Keep appliance cords in good condition and keep the cords and the appliances away from water. If you are removing the appliance from the electrical socket, do so holding the actual plug, don’t pull the cord.

Never do your own wiring

Always call a licensed electrician if you need electrical wiring or repairs, even if you think it’s just a small and straightforward job. A licensed electrician will carry the tools needed to test that the installation is free from faults.

Install safety switches

Electrical equipment should only be used when connected to a safety switch so it’s important to ensure your meter box is up to scratch.

Test safety switches

Testing every three months is a good rule of thumb. To do this you just need to press the ‘test’ or ‘T’ button. The switch should turn off the power in just 30 milliseconds, indicating the safety switch works and the circuit is free from earth leakage faults, the most common type of fault to cause serious injury.

Be mindful of overhead lines

We recommend keeping a distance of at least 6.4 metres from wires on poles and 10 metres for wires on towers. Be mindful of this when installing antennas, gardening, and using a ladder outside on your property.

Dial before you dig

If you have to dig, for any reason, access the Dial Before You Dig national referral service on 1100.

Be careful of water leaks

Electrical faults can result from water leaking into the light or power circuits in your home, which could become hazardous. Call a licensed plumber in these situations.

  • Hornsby Electric provide a FREE safety check on all work we do to ensure your home is as safe as possible for your family.

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