Three amazing electrical upgrades for your kitchen

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Three amazing electrical upgrades for your kitchen

Kitchens are the heart of the family home, where family members come together to eat, chat and enjoy one another’s company. Making electrical updates to your kitchen can rapidly improve the livability factor and the appeal of your home. So, whether you intend to increase your home’s resale value, or simply looking to improve the comfort and appearance of your kitchen, here are some highly worthwhile electrical upgrades you can do, without it costing you the earth:

Enhance your lighting

Adding accent lighting in frequently used spaces such as over the stove, in major walkways, or over the kitchen table will bring a sense of warmth and openness to your home and it creates more space. LED downlights are great for energy efficiency and with dimmers, you can make it as moody or bright as you want.

Swap your power points for USB power points

In fact, it’s very likely that the device you are reading this on requires some sort of USB connection to charge. With USB cables becoming just as common as traditional electrical plugs, it’s no wonder USB data wiring has been suspected to become a staple of kitchen electrical systems over the next few years. With USB powerpoints, you will have the convenience of being able to plug in your phone, iPad, or other electrical devices without an adapter will be extremely useful for many years to come.


Having the ability to dim your lighting is a great value add for your home, allowing you to crank it up when you really need to see what you are doing or dim it to create some visibility but keep the ambience. We stock a great range of LED lighting that allows you to dim it all the way down, so they really are effective.

If you are a homeowner in Hornsby, the North Shore and surrounds, and you’re interested in upgrading your kitchen, contact a truly local electrician: Hornsby Electric, today on 9477 2550.