What is Invertor Technology and what appliances use it

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What is Invertor Technology and what appliances use it

DC Inverter Technology is the latest technology that enables consumers to have more output and control out of their appliances. It uses an “inverter” which is a power conversion circuit that electronically regulates the voltage, current and frequency of products. This circuit controls the compressor and the output of the electrical deviceThe inverter enables both powerful output and delicate control, making it possible to spend the minimum amount of energy necessary for the operation without any waste. Inverter electronics also create less noise compared to its predecessors.  

Appliances with inverter technology are far more efficient than those without. Their prices might be on a higher side, but they have lower operational costs and low electrical consumption which allow us to recover purchasing costs and save money on our electrical bills. 

The following appliances use DC technology: 

  • Aircons 

Inverter ACs allow for efficient control of motor speed. The Inverter technology helps the air conditioning unit reach the desired temperature faster than other units and is constantly on to decrease energy wastage. Despite being more expensive initially, inverter ACs are cheaper in the long run – at least 30% – 50% cheaper. They bypass the power surges of fixed speed systems, using between 30 and 50% less electricity on average, compared to older models. 

There are more perks to using inverter ACs aside from low operational costs. For one, it is more comfortable to sleep in a room with inverter AC because of the constant room temperature in the room, and because it doesn’t make a sound while running. Inverter ACs also help get rid of dust, allergens and odours from the room. 

  • Refrigerator 

Inverter refrigerators can efficiently work at a low speed and use the minimum amount of energy that requires cooling the refrigerator to an optimum level. They are much more flexible than conventional refrigerators which only operate at a constant speed and grinds more electrical power. Invertor refrigerators emit less sound and are more flexible in terms of way to use. 

Like inverter ACs, inverter refrigerators help us save up to 30-50% of electricity consumed. 

  • Microwaves 

The best thing about inverter microwaves is that the food doesn’t get uneven patches, both hot and cold, thanks to the precise power control afforded by the inverter technology. You can also use the microwave function with the convection or grill functions at the same time, which significantly reduces cooking time by up to 40%. This allows you to save energy up to 19% during operation. 

The biggest caveat to using appliances with inverter technology is that you do have to pay extra money upfront upon purchase. However, rest assured that that money will be recovered in the form of electricity savings. Inverter technology is the most efficient and cost-effective technology in the market right now, and it would be en vogue to take advantage of this latest technology and keep up with the times.