4 Reasons to Request an Electrical Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

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4 Reasons to Request an Electrical Inspection Before Purchasing a Home

Building inspections are part of the parcel when it comes to buying a new home. But, more often than not, electrical systems are overlooked. The electrical systems in a home can have the greatest risk to your family’s safety. Most building inspectors are simply not qualified to check the electrical systems of a home, so it is worthwhile having a qualified electrician inspect the home before signing the dotted line.

Here are four good reasons everyone should have an electrical inspection of any home electrical system before purchasing;

  1. Electrical Wiring issues

Electrical safety is something every homeowner should take seriously. Every year, there are roughly 300 people admitted to Australian hospitals due to electrical injuries sustained in the home. Faulty wiring and power points are both common culprits of household injuries and fires but can be prevented with routine inspections by a professional.

  1. Functioning Smoke Alarms

Up to 50% of household fatalities are said to be preventable if a working smoke alarm had been present, and a fire escape routine had been practised. Working smoke alarms work quickly to alert people to the outbreak of fire as soon as smoke is detected. It’s regulation for a working smoke alarm to be present on each level of a home. All smoke alarms in NSW must meet the requirements set by the Australian Standards 3786.

A licenced electrician can ensure the smoke alarms in your new home are working properly – a critical aspect of your future electrical safety.

  1. Identify Overloaded Circuits

If there are too many devices wired into a particular powerpoint, that particular “route” will become overloaded. Overloads can begin to wreak havoc on an electrical system by first causing breakers to pop.

Over time the issue will begin to advance, and the breaker associated with the power point will eventually blow. Save yourself the aggravation of this process by identifying the issue right off the bat when you purchase the home.

  1. Check the home is up to Code

When you buy a previously owned home, you never know what kind of repairs have been done in the years leading up to your move in.

Previous homeowners might have had electrical work completed by an unlicensed electrician. This accounts for there being a possibility that some of the work wasn’t completed safely or up to code. Having a licensed electrician check all connections and devices will prevent you from running into unforeseen problems in the future.

Buying a new home is an exciting step, but it’s essential you know the state of the home you are buying. One should have a qualified electrician check the electricals of your home prior to committing to a sale. It is a great idea for your transparency of any electrical issues and peace of mind.

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