The importance of rewiring your home

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The importance of rewiring your home

Electrical rewiring a home is a fairly big job but one that is absolutely vital if the old wiring is in a state that deems it unsafe. Many homes in Hornsby and the North Shore were built in or before the 1970s and have never had their wiring properly inspected and/ or updated. With electrical wiring hidden away out of sight – in the roof, walls, or under the floor, it can be hard to know the state of your home’s electrical wiring. Poor or old wiring can pose a hazard to your family’s safety, and the risk of fire or electrocution is high.

In Victoria, the fire brigade attends approximately three hundred fires annually caused by cotton or rubber insulated cabling.

We recently rewired a home in Wahroonga, here are some photos of the original wiring, that was unsafe. Does yours look like this?

How do I know if my home needs new electrical rewiring?

If you answer yes to any of the following then we generally recommend you have your wiring reviewed by one of our qualified local electricians:

  • Your home is fitted with single insulated wiring & steel condults
  • The safety switch trips frequently
  • Your house was built in the 1970’s or earlier
  • There is only one circuit for all your power outlets
  • Your home is fitted with rubber or cotton insulation
  • Socket outlets are over heating
  • You are renovating and can see the wiring is deteriorating/ non-regulation.

Once your home has been rewired, you can rest assured it will meet Australian Safety standards and  give you peace of mind that your family is better protected from electrical hazards.  If you have renovated your home or added appliances like air conditioning units, your new system will be well fitted to your increased energy usage as well, meaning you will eliminate power trips and outages caused by the previous wiring inadequacies. It will also reduce the potential damage to any appliances that poor wiring can cause.

If your home is in Hornsby, The North Shore or surrounds and has not been updated in a while, it may need electrical rewiring so give our friendly team a call on 9477 2550 and we can review your home’s current wiring.