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Body Protected Electrical Area

Electrical Patient Areas

Ensuring Electrical Safety and Compliance in Patient Areas: Our Commitment at Hornsby Electric

At Hornsby Electric, we understand the critical importance of electrical safety in patient areas where medical equipment is used. We specialise in providing high-quality electrical installations that comply with the Australian Standards, specifically AS 3003:2018 Electrical Installations for Patient areas.

Patient Area Classifications

Patient areas in Australia are categorised into two main classifications:

  1. Body-Protected Electrical Areas: These areas encompass a wide range of healthcare facilities, including accident and emergency wards, allied healthcare providers (e.g., doctor’s surgeries, chiropractic, physiotherapy, optometry, and naturopathic clinics), dental surgeries, imaging rooms, operating theatres for non-cardiac surgeries, and many more.
  2. Cardiac-Protected Electrical Areas: While our focus primarily revolves around body-protected areas, it is worth mentioning that cardiac-protected areas are also addressed in the AS 3003:2018. These areas involve procedures related to cardiac-type interventions or regular use of medical electrical equipment.

Compliance with Australian Standards

Responsible organisations and entities must carefully evaluate existing installations to ensure compliance with the AS 3003:2018. This evaluation helps identify the appropriate electrical safety requirements for areas used in cardiac-type procedures or those involving the regular use of medical electrical equipment.

Documentation outlining patient area locations and classifications should clearly indicate the location of patient areas, whether they are body-protected or cardiac-protected. Additionally, areas not classified as patient areas (where no medical electrical equipment is used on a patient) should be identified with proper justification.

At Hornsby Electric, we emphasise the importance of adhering to these regulations. Our team are experienced in wiring your patient areas as body-protected electrical areas, ensuring your practice is compliant with the AS 3003:2018.

Routine Inspection and Testing

Regular inspection and testing of electrical installations in patient areas are crucial to maintaining a safe environment. In accordance with AS 3003:2018, both body-protected and cardiac-protected electrical areas must undergo routine inspections and testing at intervals not exceeding 12 months.

By conducting these routine inspections, you can mitigate risks associated with electrical hazards and identify any defects. Any identified defects should be promptly rectified before the next inspection.

Our team at Hornsby Electric carry out routine inspections and testing to ensure your practice complies with the Australian Standards.

In line with our commitment to electrical safety, we emphasise the importance of wiring patient areas appropriately. If any facility, building, institution, or medical practice is not wired as cardiac-protected electrical areas, it is imperative to wire them as body-protected electrical areas. Our expert team at Hornsby Electric has extensive experience wiring patient areas to meet the stringent requirements of the AS 3003:2018.

By partnering with Hornsby Electric, you can rest assured that your patient areas will be wired to the highest electrical safety standards. We are dedicated to delivering reliable installations that prioritise the well-being of patients, healthcare professionals, and your facility’s compliance.

Contact Hornsby Electric today to ensure that your patient areas are wired as body-protected electrical areas, aligning with the recommended electrical safety requirements outlined in the AS 3003:2018. Our team is ready to assist you in providing a safe environment for all.