The importance of a good exhaust fan in your bathroom

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How safe is your home?  

How to check, is your home safe? Most of us are more than happy to say goodbye to 2020, a year where most of us spent more time than usual…

Why does your smoke alarm go off?

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Smoke alarms save lives. But they do need a small amount of regular maintenance. Dust, debris and even insects and spiders can work their way into the alarm and disrupt…

Electrical upgrades to add value to your home

With the world being such a busy place, there is nothing better than being able to retreat home to a sanctuary of comfort, security, safety and family togetherness. Today’s impressive…

How off-peak hours help you save energy

Almost all appliances now have automation features and are programmable. Refer to the infographic above and remember to shift the bulk of your energy use on off-peak and even shoulder…