Electrical upgrades to add value to your home

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Electrical upgrades to add value to your home

With the world being such a busy place, there is nothing better than being able to retreat home to a sanctuary of comfort, security, safety and family togetherness. Today’s impressive technology innovations have made it possible for homeowners to improve the functionality and safety of their homes, enhancing their lifestyle without breaking the bank.

The electrical upgrades you make to your home today can not only be enjoyed for as long as you live in the home but will add a serious wow factor and ‘spark joy’ in the eyes of your home’s potential buyers, should you wish to sell it in the future.

Here are a few ideas for homeowners thinking of upgrading their electrical systems to change the way they live forever.

 Replace old power points with USB Outlets

USB ports are a popular electrical feature in newer homes – they can be swapped with existing outlets or added to new and useful locations like kitchen drawers, cabinet tops, and more.


 Dimmers allow people to soften their lighting in smooth increments, all from a single switch. Perfect for date nights or simply relaxing, adding dimmers does more than just improve the design of a room. Surprisingly, dimmers can also help to save electricity. In fact, by activating your dimmers, not only are you creating a lovely soft lighting ambience; you can actually be saving on your energy use by up to 20%.

LED Strip lighting – inside and out

 Strip lighting is on trend and looks incredible in outdoor areas, along decks, along paths, under stair treads and in kitchen cabinets.  Available in waterproof and standard models, these flexible strips of tape can be placed in all the hard-to-reach areas of your home and create a beautiful lighting effect that adds a touch of luxury to any home.

Smart Safety

 Did you know that security has become one of the top priorities among homeowners and renters? As a result of the increased demand, home automation in the form of smart safety has flooded the electrical market.

Today, homeowners in search of luxurious electrical upgrades can use automated home security for monitoring gardens via surveillance cameras, locking doors and access gate via mobile phone, and activating the home’s lighting and heating and cooling systems remotely.

By upgrading the electrical devices in your living space, you can add value to your home while improving your lifestyle. Homeowners who prioritise safety often choose to install a security-focused home automation system before upgrading other devices. Homeowners who already have security systems in place often choose to make small incremental upgrades to their lighting and electrical system by adding dimmers, USB outlets, and upgraded light packages.

If you are a homeowner in Hornsby, the North Shore and surrounds, and you’re interested in upgrading the security system or types of luxury devices in your home, contact a truly local electrician: Hornsby Electric, today on 9477 2550.