Does your electrical equipment meet Australian Standards?

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Does your electrical equipment meet Australian Standards?

Now there is an easy way to ensure the electrical equipment you buy – like lighting, fans, appliances etc – are compliant. Just look out for this symbol.

The Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM) is a trade mark owned by the electrical regulator (Regulatory Authorities (RAs)) and Australian Communications Media Authority (ACMA).

Licensed electricians are required to ensure that any materials they use and electrical equipment they install has this symbol to indicate it has been approved by the regulatory authorities.

In fact, an electrician can lose their licence if they install electrical equipment that does NOT display this symbol.

With online global shopping being so prominent, many of our clients have ordered and received electrical equipment (particularly light fittings) that unfortunately doesn’t meet Australian standards and doesn’t bear this symbol. We have not been able to install it and they have been left having to try to return the products or find an electrician willing to risk losing their lisence to install non-compliant equipment.

Please, if you are purchasing equipment yourself, ensure it has this symbol on it or the packaging. Alternatively speak to our team about supplying quality materials.

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