4 reasons you need a good bathroom exhaust fan

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4 reasons you need a good bathroom exhaust fan


With the colder weather, it’s important to take measures to prevent mould and mildew. When moisture builds up and is not properly ventilated, it doesn’t take long before mould starts growing which can spell all sorts of hygiene and health issues for you and your family.

Not surprisingly bathrooms are one of the biggest problem rooms for the growth of mould and mildew. Luckily there is an easy solution; exhaust fans.

Bathroom exhaust fans pull this moisture out of the air, preventing the build-up of mould and mildew on tiles in and around your bath, shower and basin. Simply putting the exhaust fan on during bath and showering times, as well as around 15 minutes after, will allow you to enjoy the following benefits;

1. Prevention of mould and mildew

This is of primary importance as mould is bad news for anyone’s health. Having a well-ventilated bathroom is essential to prevent the build-up of moisture and mould.

2. Clean fresh air:

Exhaust fans keep the air circulating and remove bathroom odours that can otherwise linger longer than necessary. If you want your bathroom to stay fresh and clean, including the air, installing an exhaust fan is a brilliant solution.

3. Prevents future repair costs

Exhaust fans are a great measure to take to ensure you don’t need to spend loads of money later on down the track fixing the issues associated with mould infestation. With the average bathroom renovation costing in excess of $10,000, the cost of installing a good exhaust fan is a sound investment for your home.

4. All-in-one fan, heat and light

Most exhaust fan models today also come with heating and LED lighting options so you can stay warm, and light your bathroom economically too. In fact, you can have all three running at once so you can ventilate as you shower and step out and and dry off under warm heat lamps.

If you are based in Hornsby, the North Shore or Castle Hill and surrounds, and need an exhaust fan installed or replaced, don’t hesitate to get in contact today. Give our team a call on 02 9477 2550.