Trimming branches around power lines

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Trimming branches around power lines

Do you have trees near your power lines that need trimming? Removing branches and vegetation near power lines can be dangerous and should not be attempted yourself.  As a home owner, you are actually obligated to maintain a clear distance of 500mm around power lines from the street to your home and must be carried out by a qualified person.

Considering the most common cause of local power failure is due to damage from fallen tree branches, now is a great time to check your wires and get it done. At Hornsby Electric we have a cherry picker truck and are licensed to safely trim branches around Ausgrid power lines.

Trees growing too close to power lines are dangerous, with the potential of causing fires or bringing them down completely, increasing the likelihood of deadly electric shock. It’s essential to trim any trees on your property to ensure they are not within the minimum legal distance of powerlines; which is generally 0.5 metres, or 1 metres if you live in a bushfire prone area where the 10/50 rule applies. Bear in mind that’s the minimum distance so you may want to trim back, even more, to allow for regrowth during the warmer months ahead.

If you have overhanging branches affecting the power lines supplying electricity to your home, you’ll need a level 2 electrician to trim them back. Give our office a call on 9477 2550 to arrange a time to have your branches trimmed in the lead up to Spring.