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Replace smoke alarms

Replace Smoke Alarms

The importance of replacing your smoke alarms

Did you know that smoke alarms need to be replaced every 10 years? Once they are ten years old, smoke alarms will no longer be effectively protecting you and your home. Not only do they only last for around ten years, at this point they will also begin to have dust and insect build-up along with airborne contaminants making them ineffective. After ten years, electrical corrosion will also make them redundant. After ten years, they must be replaced.  

Smoke alarms save lives and it’s the law in NSW to have one installed on every level of your home. Did you know this includes homes built with just a downstairs laundry or downstairs garage? Having them in these areas is equally essential.

Hardwired smoke alarms need to be replaced by a competent person who knows the installation rules and the correct placements of the alarms and this includes knowing the areas where they should never be installed. As licensed electricians, we have the know-how and expertise. We have a great range of the best quality smoke alarms.

Smoke alarm technology has come a long way.

Hardwired 240-volt rechargeable photoelectric smoke alarms are the ones we recommend now. They are superior to ionisation technology in providing early warning in a residential house fire. If you are selling your house, renting it out or renovating it, the law in NSW requires you to install smoke alarms in your home or premises. Non-compliance can result in a home failing the be certified or hefty fines from the local government. All smoke alarms have a date of manufacture or expiry date, which you can find out by locating the batch or serial number on the smoke alarm. If unsure you can contact the smoke alarm manufacturer or supplier with these details the find out the age of your smoke alarms. If you don’t have any luck with this and you don’t know when the alarm was installed it is time to have them replaced by a qualified electrician. 

Why does my smoke alarm beep or false alarm?

Whilst smoke detectors are very important, they can be the cause of annoyance when they are false alarm or is beeping for seemingly no reason. If your alarm is beeping, and there is no smoke evident, it may be due to one of these reasons; 

  • It’s an older model and it alerts you to the fact that the battery needs replacing.  
  • It’s an ionisation type and is sensitive to everyday items such as the burning of candles. Note: These types of smoke alarms are being phased out.
  • Dust, debris and insects residing in the alarm and interfering with its operation. To minimise this, insect spray can be sprayed in the general area around the smoke alarm (never directly at it) and make sure your smoke alarms and the areas around them are cleaned regularly with dusters and even vacuum cleaners. Insects are attracted to the LED on the alarm so try to keep moths, flies and other flying insects away from them. Insect-repellant wipes can also be helpful if needed.
  • Your smoke alarm is poorly located.
  • Power supply issues – Interruption of power supply or fluctuations in supply from the grid along with the frequency sent to control our off-peak connected appliances such as hot water tanks and even our street lights. Some alarms are more sensitive to this than others and may need EMI or Ripple Control filters.

Buy only the best-quality smoke alarms

We stock a range of excellent hard-wired smoke alarms and can come and inspect your existing smoke detectors and replace them with high-quality interconnected rechargeable ones to keep your family and home safe. Our dedicated office team members are ready to answer your call and immediately assist you with any Smoke Alarm Installations request. We promise a smooth, fast and stress-free experience. And all our work is covered by our 100% lifetime guarantee so you have absolute peace of mind.

Call us on 9477 2550.