Rewiring can be a necessity for older homes

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Rewiring can be a necessity for older homes

If you live in the North Shore, Hornsby or the Hills District, chances are you could be living in a beautiful character filled older house. The problem with older homes though, as charming as they are, there may be hiding electrical hazards within their walls and ceilings in the form of outdated and/or faulty electrical wiring.

It’s important to get the wiring in your older home checked out and if necessary apply any updates and consider electrical rewiring to ensure it complies with Australian Safety Standards and gives you and your family the ultimate protection from electrical issues.

These are some of the things you should consider:

Old wiring presents possible fire risk

One of the most common causes of house fires comes down to faulty wiring. Over time, power circuits and wiring degrade and need to be replaced otherwise they can be unsafe. Believe it or not, many old homes in the area still have the original electrical wiring in place and operating ok. The wiring in these older homes could be anything up to 90 years old and although no apparent problems can be detected in the day to day living in the house, there could be electrical hazards waiting to happen that you can’t easily see.

Our modern lifestyles require more power

When older homes were built, and their electrical systems put in place, we didn’t use nearly as much electricity and electrical appliances as we do today, with air conditioners, television, digital devices, computers, and so forth. Older electrical wiring just wasn’t set up for so many appliances. For this reason, an electrical inspection of an older home is highly recommended and should not be overlooked. Rewiring can become mandatory for both preventative and safety purposes.

Insurance claims

Don’t run the risk of your insurance company not covering you in the event of an electrical fire. This is one of the main reasons home owner’s insurance claims get voided in the event of a house fire as insurance companies can deem the wiring of the home as unsafe to begin with.  It’s so important to make sure you are always covered, starting with your electrical wiring.

Inspection reports don’t cover wiring systems of a home

If you have recently purchased an older home, chances are the inspection report you paid for, did not include a qualified electrician checking the wiring of the house.

Have a qualified electrician check your wiring

Don’t put off inspecting the wiring in your home. Arranging a simple inspection will allow one of our qualified electricians throughout Castle Hill and surrounding areas to identify any ineffective or unsafe wiring in the house. Although there may be an initial cost to rewire your home, the safety and convenience benefits make it a worthwhile exercise.