Rewiring – A Must for Older Homes in the North Shore

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Rewiring – A Must for Older Homes in the North Shore

Being the electricians of choice on the North Shore, we are often called out to attend to electrical faults and repairs only to discover the culprit of the issue comes down to the state of the home’s wiring. Hornsby and the North Shore have many beautiful, character-filled older homes, many of which are heritage listed. It’s one of the reason’s that make the area so unique and appealing. But many homes here are at least 50 years old and haven’t been rewired and still have their old electrical systems in place. Electrical wiring protocols and standards have changed a lot in 100 years, and likewise our energy consumption these days is a lot different than it was even twenty years ago so wiring that hasn’t been updated for at least twenty years could well be putting way too much pressure on your electrical system (at the best) and may be putting people’s lives at risk (at worst).

Rewiring is mostly out of sight so most families may be blissfully unaware they are living in a home that is in fact putting their family at risk of electrical hazards. Some of the potential hazards associated with old wiring are:

  • Fire risks posed by old wiring

Old wiring could not accommodate the power demands of our modern lifestyle, thereby making it faulty. Antiquated power circuits and wiring may still operate with no apparent problems, but it’s just a matter of time before they become a serious safety issue. They are in a state of degradation and are very much susceptible to causing fire. You should be on the lookout for these signs of deterioration: frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers, over-fused electrical panel, dimming or flickering lights, and hot or discoloured switch plates or plugs.

  • Excessive energy costs

Materials from outdated electrical systems are less efficient. As a result, there is more wattage which directly translates to our energy bills. If you upgrade your wiring, you can be certain that the material is of high quality and up to date. Better wires mean lower bills.

  • Electrical shocks

An outlet doesn’t have to be damaged to produce an electrical shock – it can happen from just being old. If your house only has two-prong outlets, then it’s high time you replace them with the modern Type I power points, which are three-prong. Two-prong outlets are outdated and possess no ground wire, which acts as an additional safety barrier. This wire gives unstable currents a passage to the ground instead of you or the other wires. An upgrade on your wiring would necessitate the installation of the three-prong outlets which are grounded and in compliance with Australian electrical standards.

  • Strange smells in the house

Sometimes old wiring could emit strange smells around the house that cannot go unnoticed. Antiquated electrical shielding, wires, and other plastic components that had been exposed to high heat from long-time use produce a strange, fishy smell. When they do, go check for signs of burning or melting. Have them replaced immediately by qualified personnel.

If you suspect your home needs to have the wiring checked our friendly team will happily inspect the wiring in your home and provide an obligation-free quote for any repairs that may need fixing. Give our team a call today on 9477 2550.