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Save big on your energy bill

The cold weather is setting in. Winter is a time when we use more energy than usual, we are home more and need to stay warm, so it makes sense to get the whole family more energy conscious and see if you can’t drive down your power bills with these smart tips;

  1. If you don’t already, speak to your energy provider about making use of the peak and off peak rates. Most energy companies provide off-peak rates between 10pm and 7am Monday to Friday, so try to run washing machines, dryers, dishwashers at during off-peak times and you’ll pay close to 50% of what you would during peak times.
  2. If you use a clothes dryer use the medium setting instead of high: it takes a little longer but uses less energy and is less damaging to your clothes
  3. Check the settings on your water heater. Instantaneous and continuous flow systems should be set at 50°C while storage and solar systems at 60°C for maximum efficiency and safety.
  4. Saving hot water saves energy too. Reduce hot water use by only doing a full sink or load of dishes, washing clothes in cooler water and switching your bath for a short shower.
  5. Reducing your shower time by four minutes could save $85 per year. Set a timer on your mobile phone to prompt you.
  6. As the weather gets cooler, remember to shut your curtains at night. You can lose up to 40% of your home’s heat through unprotected glass.
  7. If you need heating overnight try an electric blanket instead of a heater. Don’t forget to unplug your electric heater when it’s not in use!
  8. Reduce heater use; make a rule like only turning it on when the temperature falls below 18°C. Try having a hot drink, snuggling up with a warm blanket, putting on warm socks and using a heat pack before switching on the heater.

For even more energy saving tips, why not download and print off our complete guide with our Energy Saving hints and tips brochure.