What are the signs I need to rewire my home?

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What are the signs I need to rewire my home?

If your home was built prior to the mid 1970s and has not been rewired since, there’s a good chance the cabling may be deteriorating to the point that it can lead to power outages and need to be replaced in the near future.
The cabling installed in homes prior to the mid 1970s was PVC insulated and the material deteriorates over time. Plasticisers and lubricants leach out of the compound due to their volatility during exposure to heat. Over time, this will cause the insulation to become hard and brittle leading to cracking and eventual disintegration of the insulation. When this happens, the live conductors becoming exposed, which can be dangerous.
What’s the gooey green substance? 

When the cabling deteriorates it can result in “cable greening,” where a dark green substance  seeps out of electrical switches and sockets.

It can often go unnoticed until electrical maintenance is underway. In more extreme situations, you might even observe it trickling down the wall below electrical fixtures.

While the plasticiser itself lacks conductivity, the visible green goo comprises plasticiser and copper oxide making it conductive and posing the risk of electric shock.

The warmer the cable becomes, the more plasticiser leaches out, leading to potential brittleness and the eventual breakdown of the cable. This deterioration can result in insulation or short circuit faults, leading to tripping of circuit breakers or RCDs.

Contact with the green substance may cause adverse effects such as dermatitis or rashes. Therefore, precautions should be taken to avoid skin contact.

What should I do if I notice green goo or brittle wring

Get in contact with your local electrician who can do an assessment of your wiring and let you know if you need to fully or partially rewire your home. If you notice green goo near power points and wiring or suspect you may need to have your home’s wiring assessed – give us a call for an assessment and an obligation free quote.