Why is my circuit tripping?

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Why is my circuit tripping?

What to do when your circuit is tripping

It can be so frustrating if you have a circuit that keeps tripping. Here is our suggestion on what to do if you have a tripping circuit.

Firstly, see if it was a one-off. Try flipping the safety switch back on at the switchboard and see if the same issue happens again. Typically when you are able to reset the switch it is likely to be a circuit overloaded. Whenever you place too much demand on the circuit it will switch off due to overloading. In this instance, you will need additional circuits to accommodate your extra usage requirements.

If your safety switch continues to stay tripped off, it’s an earth-leakage fault on either an appliance or the circuit.

Here are the top reasons for your safety switch to be trip.

There could be a fault in one of the appliances plugged into the circuit. We recommend you work through our troubleshooting guide located below. We suggest finding the culprit appliance through a process of elimination. Unplugging one appliance at a time to see which appliance is causing the circuit to trip.


If you have gone through the troubleshooting process above without success, you will need a licensed electrician to fix the issue as the fault is on the circuit.

We have a team of talented electricians who specialise in fault-finding.

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