Why you need a local electrician who offers 24/7 emergency service

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Why you need a local electrician who offers 24/7 emergency service

Electrical Services in Hornsby

A good electrician will not only do the job but also prioritise emergency work for their loyal customers if and when they arise. From time to time you may experience electrical emergencies that require you to call your trusted electrician to come out immediately, or on the same day.

Some of these include:

  • Tripping of electrical circuit breakers. Even if you repeatedly replace fuses and reset circuit breakers, your system will continue to draw more current than they can safely provide. This may also indicate a dangerous fault on one or more circuits.
  • Power outage. Once you rule out the energy provider outage, it may be faulty electrical wiring causing an outage in your home. This can be an emergency as you may not have hot water, your fridge and other essential electrical appliances may be out of power and need fixing quickly before food deteriorates etc.. Certainly this kind of electrical issue needs fixing immediately.
  • Heating of switches and power points. If an electrical system surface is warm to touch or gives off a tiny (or larger) electric shock, this can be an indication that at best there is excessive demand on the circuit, or possibly something much worse. This should be only be seen to by an electrician since this might require an upgrade of your electrical wiring.
  • Weird odours coming from outlets. If you detect an odd smell coming from an outlet, turn off and unplug anything connected to it. Until you bring in a qualified electrician to look into it, avoid using it again.
  • Deterioration of your home’s main service panel. Rust or moisture on or under your home’s main service panel are tell-tale signs of deterioration. Once observed, they should be immediately dealt with as they threaten the main wiring connections within the house.
  • Hot water electrical fault. We consider electrical issues with hot water systems to be classified as a ‘same day service’ job. No one wants to be without hot water for long periods of time.

At Hornsby Electric, we make sure we prioritise emergency work, even if we have to shuffle around less urgent jobs on our schedule. If you need an emergency on-call electrician for all your electrical emergencies give Hornsby Electric a call on 9477 2550.